Why online counseling?


Though the society has progressed so much, still visiting a psychologist is a taboo to a certain extent. “Are you mad?” well “no he is not”.

So online counseling is a way to keep that anonymity. In the past few years there has been an increasing awareness also, in the masses about their mental health, they are not as hesitant to visit a psychologist as it was the case before.

Online counseling though has an advantage, it is at your disposal, you do not have to visit the clinic. In the present e-age it is easier if I can discuss my problems with someone in my comfortable zone.

The majority of issues relating to human nature and behavior can be solved through online couselling. However, in case of serious life endangering situations like, manic episodes, suicidal ideations, you are requested to visit your nearest health clinic .


Vidhi Pipara(Adolescent Psychologist) – Guidance on personal or psychological problems in India