The world of stories

He was 2 years and very reluctant to eat healthy food, all he wanted was to munch on chips, fried stuff. I use to worry about his nutrition, also I wanted him to relish all that he was eating, didn’t want to force him all the time.

At such tender age kids don’t understand any logics and reasoning. I was at a loose end, didn’t know how to put it in his head firmly that eating healthy is important. Then a thought came from nowhere, “FRAME A STORY”, and there it was the simplest and most effective way of communicating with my child and teaching him different things that would make him a responsible and good human.

It has helped me tremendously. I use to read to him daily, but now some nights we use to read and the other times when I had to teach him something, I conveyed it in the form of a story and it stayed with him. This also made me realize that learning is more effective when it becomes fun.

Now my son is 6years, and obviously he does not believe all my stories, but the past few years have been sufficient for me to inculcate in him the basics manners and now he is used to living and behaving in that manner. I believe that kids are like wet sand, they can be moulded into any form with love and affection, and the earlier we do it the easier it is.

Another thing here is that though times have changed but stories haven’t , Rapunzel still needs a prince to rescue her in the story books, but as parents I suggest we narrate it in a different manner, make her strong and independent enough to save herself on her own. Reframe your stories, don’t go by the book always. Till my son was big enough to understand no characters died in my stories, they were just punished for their bad deeds by God. Make sure that we send a correct and positive message through our stories, because these young minds are very inquisitive and impressionable. I believe let them grow up with a positive attitude, seeing only the goods of life and leave the bads for laters.