Talking and Relationships

I smile to myself when someone tells me ‘we have never ever fought or argued with each other’; it gets me thinking how healthy is this relationship.

When two people have their individual minds, they are bound to have different opinions at some point of time. This would lead to discussions or arguments. Hence my belief, ‘a relationship that has discussions or arguements is a healthy one.’ I would prefer a fight rather than having to change myself completely and forget my individuality to stay in a relationship.

Now I am not saying that your opinion will always differ from that of your partner, but yes when you do have a difference in your opinions, voice it out, discuss, argue may be even fight, do whatever but never keep it to yourself. One should never stop being oneself, because that will never let you stay happy and an unhappy person cannot make others happy.

Another thing to always consider is the time and situation. There are times when an immediate voicing of your opinion can create issues, misunderstandings or even hurt your partner, so wait if necessary and then speak up at the right time in the right manner.

Talking strengthens your bond and makes a relation healthier and more beautiful. Give yourself 10 minutes with your partner every night before you go to bed. Just sit and talk , may be about nothing important, but doing so makes you live your relation rather than just staying in it.

I strongly believe that one should never sleep without resolving a fight, as holding grudges does no good to anyone. If someone has hurt you tell them so. Always remember that you relationship is more important than your ego, but your individuality is more important than any relationship. Like I said earlier in order to keep others happy you have to be a happy individual.

The crux of the matter is, always talk your heart out and stay happy and beautiful.