Schizophrenia is an Axis-I psychological disorder that lasts for atleast 6 months with 1 month of active phase of symptoms. The common symptoms are :-

1) Delusions : There are false, unshakable beliefs that are out of proportion with the real, social, cultural, economical and educational background of the individual.

Delusions can be

a) Bizzare -> Not possible and understandable eg.

  • Thought withdrawal-> an external force is removing my thoughts
  • Thought insertion -> an external force is inserting thoughts in me
  • Delusion of control -> being controlled by external force

b) Non-Bizzare -> Possible and understandable – some eg.

  • Delusion of Grandiosity -> ‘I have exceptional power, abilities’, etc.
  • Delusion of infidelity -> ‘My partner is cheating me’
  • Referential delusions -> ‘They are talking about me’
  • Nihilistic delusions -> ‘Something bad will happen”
  • Delusion of poverty -> ‘I am very poor’
  • Delusion of Persecution -> ‘I am going to be harmed or harassed by some one’

2) Hallucinations : They are false perceptions in the absence of a stimuli. They can be –22V(1)-S

  • Olfactory -> related to smell
  • Tactile -> related to touch
  • Gustatory -> related to taste
  • Auditory -> related to hearing
  • Visual -> related to seeing

3) Disorganized thinking or speech : This can be in the form of –

  • Derailment or loose association -> Switching from one topic to another while talking
  • Tangentiality -> Giving unrelated answers to the questions
  • Neologism -> making new words
  • Word salad or incoherence -> mixture of words
  • Clang association -> using words that sound same but have different meaning22V(2)-S

4) Grossly Disorganized or abnormal motor behaviour including catatonia

5) Negative symptoms -> negative symptoms that are prominent in schizophrenia are :-

  • Diminished emotional expression
  • Avolition -> reduced self motivated Other negative symptoms are
  • Anhedonia -> reduced ability to feel pleasure
  • Asociality -> lack of interest in social interactions
  • Alogia -> reduced speech

6) Significantly low achievement and functioning on personal work front.

7) Improper self care

8) Sometimes the individual may lack insight or awareness of their disorder.

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