23V(4)-SThe word ‘proso’ has a greek origin meaning progress. An irrational and morbid ‘fear of progress’ is termed as Prosophobia.

We all hope and work to progress in different spheres of life. Progress is a fundamental part of human life.

But prosophobes believe that progress can ruin their lives, because somewhere they fear the changes and advances that come with progress.

So there are chances that Prosophobia can be related to ‘Cainotophobia’ i.e. ‘fear of new things’ and ‘Metathesiophobia, i.e. ‘fear of change’.


1) One of the causes of prosophobia can be the unknown quality of the changes that happen with progress.

2) Sometimes people get so comfortable in their routine life that they fear a change.

3) A man likes a control over his life. One may feel lack of control when facing new things that are the result of progress.

4) Some people think that progress and innovations can hasten the end of world and so they prefer a primitive lifestyle.

5) Some believe that progress can uproot their cultural and religious beliefs.

6) People who fear hard work are more prone to having this fear.

7) Sometimes a past traumatic event like loosing a loved one in an air crash or may be hearing about terrorist attack involving new technological weapons can be the reason for fearing innovations and progress.


A prosophobe would prefer to live a primitive life without new inventions like computers, mobile phones, Internet and sometimes even television.

The sufferer wants to live in his familiar world and might have panic attacks when put in a more developed surrounding.

Some of the common symptoms that a prosophobe experiences in a progressive environment are:

  1. Intense panic
  2. Rapid heart beat
  3. Sweating
  4. Dizziness
  5. Nausea
  6. Trembling, etc.


Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, shock/exposure therapy, behavioral therapy are known to help. Medications can help control the symptoms in severe cases.

Living with this phobia can have a very deteriorating effect on the quality of life of the patient. He needs to realize or made to realize that progress is the essence of life. The negative thoughts associated in his mind with progress needs to be converted into positive one’s with the help of therapy.

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