Having problems in managing your child’s behaviour?  Want to enhance your relationship with your child?

The answer to your problems can be in the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.  This therapy developed by Sheila Eyeberg focuses on training the parents to establish a healthy relationship with their child to bring positive changes in his behaviour.

It is designed to help both the parents and the child.

In this program the parents are taught as to how to discipline and manage their child while simultaneously enhancing their relationship with him.

This positive treatment program has 2 basic interactions :

     1. Child Directed Interaction :

In this interaction, the parents are asked to follow the child’s lead.  Whatever activity the child selects the parent is taught to participate, appreciate, encourage and take pride in their child’s actions.  An important thing that the parents are asked to avoid is criticism and negative talks.  This interaction brings about a positive reinforcement in parent-child relationship.

     2. Parent Directed Interaction :

In this interaction the parents take the lead.  They are taught skills to manage their child, how to give clear instructions to him and then, if the kid complies praise him and if not then deal with him in a firm but positive and gentle manner.

PCIT is useful in handling children with behaviour problems, those who are stubborn, oppositional, aggressive, throw tantrums, etc.  It is also helpful for parents who are short-tempered, aggressive and abusive towards their child.

A parent must always remember that parenting if considered as a burden, then it will be difficult.  One must enjoy their child and his childhood and make it a beautiful and learning experience.  A child has a very soft and pure heart, if dealt with love and gentleness the child will respond.  This does not mean that one should over pamper and over parent their child.  The thin line between discipline and anger should not be crossed.  One does not have to show anger and scare his or her child to discipline him.  Your relationship should be such that your child loves and respects you, he should not be scared of you.

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