Intellectual Disability is the term now used for Mental Retardation. Intellectual disability is characterized by limitations in intellectual functioning and day to day skills. A person with an IQ of 75 and below is put in the category of intellectually disabled.

Being intellectually disabled doesn’t mean that one cannot learn new things, it simply takes longer and more effort for them to learn new things. They also find it difficult to interact properly with others and to take care of themselves.

At a young age, delayed developmental milestones, explosive tantrums, not obeying orders (because they find it difficult to understand) poor memory, poor skills as compared to other kids of same age, are some of the signs of intellectual disability.

Genetic conditions (down syndrome etc.), trauma at birth or during pregnancy, alcohol abuse during pregnancy, severe brain injury or illness, are some of the few known reasons behind intellectual disability.

Nowadays there are several training centres which help train these individuals to live a normal life. They are trained here to do their day to day activities and also at times learn some skills which can help them earn and live independently.

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