Mass Media


Mass Media – A fortune or misfortune?

The word medium means a source of communication, so mass media refers to the sources that can communicate with the masses. Following are some of the best forms of mass media used in day to day life:

  1. Broadcast media – Television, Radio, Cinematic
  2. Print media – Newspaper, book, comics etc.
  3. Outdoor media – Billboards, Advertisement on shops, buses etc.
  4. Digital media – Internet and mobile

These differefnt forms of mass media serve different purposes. Besides being a huge source of information which is available to all at any time they are also a source of entertainment.  They can also be used for advocating a view through marketing, advertising, political communication etc.  It is an effective source for guiding and bringing about a positive change.  The media today provides the masses with numerous opportunities to gain social, intellectual, educational and creative benefits.  Each form of media from books, journals, television or radio series to internet are full of information that can be used by one and all.  But one thing  to remember is that all this information is not always verified.  One needs to create a filter before making use of any information or suggestion.

Mass media definitely is a blessing to mankind, especially now when everything is just a click away.   But somehow, I believe too much of everything makes life confusing, the dependency on the media is increasing everyday and amongst people of all ages, kids prefer video games, and internet to outdoor games, for any information people just run to the internet or television, which is fine to an extent but the media industry has also become so commercialized that the information they provide is with keeping in mind their pockets and not the masses.

So if we come to see, the reality is that to keep this fortune of mankind from turning into a misfortune efforts have to be made by us.  The responsibility lies on the shoulders of both the media and the masses.

The print, electronic and digital media must make every effort to ensure that their information is factual and balanced.  The masses must also use the media in a balanced way along with their rational mind.

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