INFIDELITY: A Crime Worse Than Murder

INFIDELITY: A Crime Worse Than Murder

One of the many reasons for the ever increasing fallouts in relationships today is ‘INFIDELITY’- cheating on your partner. This cheating can be in any form and to any extent, but in my view when you are committed to one person, then even an unintentional small term contact with another person is infidelity. It does not always mean that if you have an affair outside your relationship, that you have cheated on your partner.

Now I don’t say being committed to one person means you cannot form new relations. Yes you can, but it needs to be ethically right. Anything that you need to hide from your partner is wrong, may be he/she cannot understand your perspective, but your need to hide proves it you are wrong.

It amazes me how people screw up the most perfect and beautiful relationships for temporary thrills. How one cannot understand the pain he/she would inflict on their partner for their temporary satisfactions. ‘It was nothing, just a chat, few messages.’ My question is what was the need of those chats. How is the other person in the relationship suppose to understand that if given a chance it would have gone much further or not.

Trust is the most important part of any relationship. It is the base, the foundation. Trust is like a piece of glass which once shattered, you might be able to fix it again but the cracks remain forever.

Breaking your partner’s trust is a crime close to murder, because you are responsible for killing your relation and your partner’s happiness along with it. Though it takes time, forgiving someone’s cheat is possible but forgetting it is impossible. Yes people move ahead and time heals the pain but the beauty of the relation dies.

My concluding suggestion here is that- life will offer you many distractions , but before being attracted to them, think about the repercussions, the long term effects.

‘Be honest in every relation, don’t cheat.’ Besides loving, appreciate and respect your partner, because it takes a lifetime oƒ nurturing to make a relationship beautiful, and only few minutes to end it.

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