Yes 100%, anything discussed during the counselling sessions will be strictly between you and me. There is absolutely no chance of it being disclosed to anyone else, as it is against my professional ethics.
Well, we can’t come to any conclusion without a detailed discussion. Low mood is often confused with depression, but the fact is that it is just one of the symptoms of depression and not the disease itself.
Teenage is a little difficult phase for both the parents and the child, with all the biological changes in the body, and also the child feels that he is the master of all things, he knows better than all. There are chances that your son has different aspirations, children tend to revolt when they have to do things under peer pressure. Talk to him and if needed you can take professional help.
As a parent I understand your concern but please get a hold of your thoughts, and give your daughter sometime. Autism is difficult to be diagnosed till the age of 24 months yes there can be early symptoms, but delayed talking is not a definite sign, there have to be other symptoms as well to draw any conclusion. So long as she can express herself non-verbally also, I don’t see any reason to get concerned. Each child is different so please don’t compare. If you wish to seek professional help do so, but personally I would suggest that you wait for a few more months.
While both can be dealing with the same issues, a counselor mainly focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects while a psychiatrist would deal with the biological aspects of a problem.
Well things change with the change in the relationship status. Your overthinking can be one of the reasons of your unhappiness. Talk to your husband and your in-laws openly about what is bothering you. Try to stay occupied with things that you like to do. If needed you and your husband can take professional help, sometimes an unbiased opinion helps a lot.
Well having a child or not is a decision that only a husband and wife should take, and since you don’t want another baby, than its not to be discussed further by anyone. Anyways having a baby just because you want a son sounds ridiculous. The last I knew we were in 21st century. So you and your husband take a firm stand together and explain it to his parents that daughters are no less than sons and that you don’t want another child. Take care and stay proud of your decision.