A persistent and irrational ‘fear of good news’ is termed as Euphobia. It is a very unusual fear as most of us fear a bad news.

The core of the fear is not the good news, but the patterns of thinking, images, sounds, etc. that are internally associated with the good news.

Euphobes are often considered as pessimists as they like negativity around them. Instead of feeling elated and happy they fear hearing good news.


This fear is usually triggered by a very negative past event linking good news with disappointment. When the good news doesn’t happen in reality.

Sometimes people doubt that a news is too good to be true so they avoid hearing it.

An experience where a good news is followed by an extremely traumatic event for eg: someone gets too happy and suffers a heart attack on hearing a good news. Witnessing such experiences or even hearing about them can trigger euphobia.


A euphobe would feel that he must do everything possible to avoid hearing a good news.

The symptoms differ with the intensity of fear. Sometimes just the mere thought of hearing a good news can cause a panic attack. Some common symptoms are:

  1. Palpitations
  2. Dizziness
  3. Accelerated heart rate
  4. Extreme distress
  5. Excessive sweating
  6. Nausea
  7. Trembling, etc.


Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques are known to be helpful.

In cognitive behavioral therapy the sufferer is exposed to a good news and efforts are made to alter the inappropriate thoughts pattern that one has developed.

In behavioral therapy the sufferer is exposed to a good news and gradually desensitized to euphobia with the help of relaxation techniques.

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