Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by the difficulty in reading, writing and speaking a language. Dyslexia is not related to intelligence; rather it is a cognitive disorder. The problem can be related to language processing or visual processing.

It is usually diagnosed at school. In early childhood some features like delayed development of speech, poor eye-hand coordination are some of the pre-cursors of dyslexia, but it is not always true.

A dyslexic child also has a drive to study like his normal peers, but takes a little longer and more effort and direction.

It is often thought that if a child writes in mirror image or reads backwards, then he is dyslexic. This is a common feature while learning to read and write. Usually till the age of 5-6 kids do write in mirror image, but if this persists till after the age of 6 years then it is a point of concern, and a therapist must be consulted.

Dyslexia can have very good prognosis if diagnosed early and with proper support and guidance.

Attention – Hyper Activity Disorder (AD+HD), stubbornness, passive responding, etc. are some problems associated with Dyslexia.The causes of Dyslexia can be hereditary, environmental; sometimes a trauma or side effects of a disease can lead to dyslexia.

For parents who are reading this and are worried about their child, the famous actor Tom Cruise is dyslexic, and that has not stopped him from reaching where he is today.

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