Change is the only constant in life

‘ Change’ the one thing in life which is feared and sometimes craved for too. It is the only constant in life. This article basically emphasizes on how relationships keep changing, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

She has been my oldest friend and over the years her habit of confiding in me has made her one of my dearest patient. She would always keep me in loop, no matter what was happening in her life.

She was a beauty inside out, full of life like a free-spirit mare. After college she fell in love and married her best friend’s brother. Her joy knew no bounds, she was too happy to be spending each day with her ‘love’ and her ‘bestie’ under the same roof. Little did she know that nothing remains same always.

The day she married her ‘love’, she lost her ‘bestie’. The relations changed , as her sister-in- law; her best friend always bossed her around, tried to put her down in front of others, would always nag and complain. All this had a very bad effect on my friend’s mental health. She had expected that her best friend would be her biggest support and her presence itself would make this transition beautiful for her. But all her expectations failed. She was changing and my only advice to her was ‘don’t be bitter , things change , she will come around someday.’ Somehow she dealt with this change and gradually found her happiness in her husband and his parents.

4 years and a child later, one afternoon she called me, sobbing. It got me very worried because I had never heard or seen her cry in the toughest of situations. All she told me was ‘you were right, nothing stays the same forever, change is the only constant.’ So I was told that she found that her husband was cheating on her with some other female, had not crossed the so-called limits, but yet she felt betrayed.

She had shared all this with her in-laws, and they were shocked; and while she was crying her heart out, her sister-in- law came to her, hugged her and said, stay strong, I am there for you’; in a second she got her ‘bestie’ back. She found support from the one person whom she thought would take pleasure in her pain. Her bestie told her that ‘ I have always loved you, even when I was mean to you. I felt that you were taking my place in my family, but all grudges apart, I am here for you, and we will see this through.’

That day my friend didn’t know how to react , both her dear relations had changed overnight. All she wished for was that it hadn’t come to this and that she could have had the best of both. I told her the same thing again, ‘nothing stays the same forever, this will also pass. Your relation with your husband might not be same again, but you never know it might strengthen and you both might be more in love with each other few months down the line. Stay put and stay strong.’

All this just made me realize that each day of our life we learn new things that change our way of thinking, sometime for better and sometimes for worse, sometimes for a moment and sometimes for years, but this ‘change is the only constant in life.’ So while happy live each moment to the fullest, and in bad times stay strong because ‘ nothing remains the same forever’.

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