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Also termed as Brief Reactive Psychosis, it is a condition that involves a sudden onset of one or more of the following psychotic condition :-

a) Delusions -> Bizarre or non-bizarre

b) Hallucinations -> Visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile or gustatory.

c) Disorganized speech.

d) Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior

These symptoms lasts for a day but less than a month; and after this the patient returns back to normal functioning.

Before diagnosing BPD, it is important to rule out the possibilities of other psychological disorders, (like Major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorders, schizophrenia, catatonia etc.), malingering, other medical conditionssubstance abuse etc.

Also sometime some reactions are culturally sanctioned, so this needs to be checked and taken into account. Like some beliefs may be delusional according to the therapist but can be considered normal in the patient’s culture and religion.


Depending on the mode of onset BPD can be classified into following types –

1) With marked stressor : Traumatic events like death, assault, abuse, stress, etc. can trigger BPD.

2) Without marked stressor : In some cases, BPD can be caused without any trigger.

3) Postpartum onset : When the onset is during pregnancy or within 4 weeks of child birth. People with fluctuating moods, liable nature and pre-existing personality disorders (like borderline histrionic schizotypical) and traits (like suspiciousness etc.) are more prone to this condition.

Although the disturbances are brief but it may involve severe impairment, which then requires proper supervision to ensure that the individual is protected from any harm by acting on the basis of delusion. There is an increased risk of suicide in these cases.


With proper and on-time treatment BPD can be cured completely. Counseling and psychotherapies are known to work along with medicines and ECT (Electric Convulsive Therapy). In some severe cases hospitalization is required.

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