Board Exams


MARCH is here, it is that time of the year when the exam bells have started ringing. 

Board exams-10th or 12th are cause of severe anxiety both in parents and their wards. 

Over the years there has been a significant increase in the number of suicidal attempts among the students appearing for the boards, and this is a cause of serious concern.

I wonder why and where this anxiety is coming from. I will not deny I didn’t suffer from it, but now after so many years I look at it from a different perspective.

  1. These exams are no different from any others that the students have written before, there are no hidden and out of course questions to be attempted.
  2. Sometimes these exams are infact simpler then the one’s attempted in schools, and one is surely more prepared for these due to the fear factor.
  3. In present times, the marking system has also become very relaxed, and the fear of favouritism is not there as the papers are checked by unknown teachers.
  4. Also unlike school exams there are more leaves between the papers so one can revise and go through entire syllabus at a relaxed pace.


Considering all of the above I feel this fear has been passed on from generations for no valid reason. It is like a mandatory to be scared if you are writing your board exams.

So I am not undermining the importance of boards, yes they are important as the results  somewhere determine the career options of a child, but all I mean is that they are not the only decisive factor of the success in life. Infact world is full of successful individuals who barely managed to pass their board exams.

Now that the time is here, as a parent it is very natural for you to worry about your child’s future but remember this is not the last door to success.  I request you to please keep in mind the following things for the next few days, for the benefit of your child:

  1. Please do not pass on your anxiety to your child, positive talking is most        important now, because the mind functions best when it is relaxed. It is very              important for the kids to have a relaxed environment around them.
  2. Please wish your child luck for his exam with a warm hug and a bright smile rather than a frown and worry on your face.
  3. When your child returns ask him about the paper, if it so happens that he is not happy with his performance than please don’t add to his sadness by scolding him. You cannot change what has been done, you can only motivate him to prepare and perform better in the next paper. So tell him ‘ it is ok, let’s focus on the next one.’
  4. Ask your child to take a break from his studies and take him out for an activity that will relax him mentally.
  5. Another very important thing is that you know your child the best, so do not set impossible goals for him, as that will only increase his anxiety unnecessarily.
  6. Please refrain from comparing with other kids.
  7. If you see your child too worried speak to him. At the same time don’t          overcrowd him, give him his space 

To all those beautiful young minds out there my strong advice is “When at the age of 21, you step into the world of responsibilities, your Success will depend on your Willpower and your Determination to succeed. So do not fear anything, do not be anxious, study hard and give in your best effort, that is what is most important, success will follow for sure.’

Please remember that life is precious and nothing is more important than your life, so please if you feel stressed talk about it, do not take any drastic steps, it’s never worth it. 


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