Autism, better known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro developmental disorder characterized by significant delay in development of social interaction and communication before the age of 3. The child also exhibit repetitive, restricted or stereotyped pattern in interest, activities and behavior.

Along with the verbal, there is a deficit in the non-verbal communication as well as like abnormal eye contact and body language and a total lack of facial expressions. They have a difficulty in maintaining and understanding relationships.

If the above mentioned symptoms cause significant impair in day to day activities, and also if they cannot be explained by any other medical condition, then the child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Prevalence : 

Recent data reveals a prevalence of the population with similar estimates in adults and child. It is diagnosed 4 times more often in males than in females.

Functional consequences of Autism Spectrum Disorder :

In young children lack of social and communication skills may hamper learning and negatively affect the academic achievement even in kids with above average intelligence. The rigid interests may make routine care like hair-cut difficult. This lack of adaptive skills has a severe negative effect on establishment of independence in adulthood.

Treatment :

There is no one treatment that fits all. But behaviour therapies like Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) help to improve the social and communication skills. An early intervention proves to be really helpful.

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