APPRECIATION-an important element of Life

  A word of PRAISE from someone makes each person happy. Even a single word of appreciation from us can give boundless joy to others. Not only humans but even animals love being appreciated.

            He came running to me, tears rolling down his beautiful face, and between his sobs he told me, ‘mom I have the worse handwriting ever.’ It broke my heart that my little man who is always so full of energy and spreading happiness everywhere, was so upset for such a small thing. He is just 4 and at his age, holding a pencil and making an effort to write is a great achievement. I told him the same, and also that his work is beautiful and with a little more effort it will become the best. These words did the magic and brought the smile I was hoping for.

            As a parent we want our child to be the best and succeed in everything. But one should always remember to appreciate each effort made towards this success. Give your guidance with a few words of appreciation, ‘It is such a lovely drawing, you have a great imagination, but can we color the flower pink and see how it looks.’ This appreciations keeps the morale high and the child lives in a happy rather than stressed and anxiety filled environment.

            Most of the times in every relationship we start taking things for granted and stop being grateful and thankful for them. For instance ‘What’s the big deal if mom tried a new delicious recipe for me.’, ‘He is the man in the relationship, he ought to provide for me.’, ‘Nothing new if she is managing both home and work.’, etc. Yes all these things are a routine, but try telling your mom after a meal that she is the best cook, your spouse a Thank you for making life beautiful by just being there, and then see the magical smile that lights up their face.

           Appreciation is another way of expressing love and making the other person and his efforts feel important and valued. It strengthens your bond, be it in any relationship.

           In general, we should always try and make an effort to appreciate even the smallest things and gestures in life, because like they say ‘ BEHAVE WITH OTHERS IN THE SAME WAY YOU WANT THEM TO BEHAVE WITH YOU.’ I strongly believe that being appreciative should be included alongwith other mannersims that are taught to a child. It for sure will make them a better human being who appreciates and values everything that he or she has.

         Appreciation and recognition of our efforts not only makes us happy but also motivate us to keep trying harder and do better.


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