Anger Management


Anger is a natural human emotion, which when gets uncontrollable, it becomes a problem.

We all get angry at some point of time but how we express our anger and behave when we are angry is important. There is a very thin line between the normal and abnormal expression of this emotion.

Anger management deals with teaching an individual to control his physiological and psychological reactions to trigger that anger him. Some people get more angry than others. An individual’s socio-culturalenvironmental, genetic factors play an important role in making him more sensitive than others.

The anger is not always wrong or misplaced. Sometimes we are just in a situation where we can’t do much but get angry. Sometimes anger is suppressed, if this suppressed anger is redirected into constructive thoughts it is good, but if this anger simmers under the top and inner self is not calm, then that can lead to various other problems. The trick of anger management is to learn how to express, channelize, reconstruct your thoughts as calmly as possible, when facing situation that angers you.

Relaxation, cognitive reconstruction, problem solving, development of communication skills, humor, etc. are some anger management strategies.

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